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Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 ONLINE has ended.
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Automotive Technologies for Building a More Environmentally Friendly and Affluent Society

Our aim is to realize ever-greater convenience and comfort through automotive technologies. We have helped build a rich and varied car-based society while taking on a wide range of issues. As we work to achieve even greater development, automotive technology has recently started to face a once-in-century period of profound transformation. At the same time, as eyes turn toward the global environment, it is a fact that our peaceful and comfortable lifestyles are facing growing challenges from nature.
Therefore, in this year’s AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPOSITION, we are presenting information outlining the impact of industry on the global environment and introducing the leading edge of automotive technological progress for helping to build a more comfortable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable society as we stand on the verge of globally oriented activities.
To help create a brighter future for the global environment, this event will showcase automotive technologies that will contribute to building a new energy society and mobility technologies to support even more peaceful, safe, and prosperous lifestyles.
Additionally, factoring in current affairs and touching on initiatives for mobility in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, this event also introduces mobility technologies appropriate for the new normal.