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* From July 20 Thursday to July 28 Friday, JSAE members only can attend the lectures.

  • Wednesday, July 5 13:30-14:30

    Live + Archived Streaming
    The Carbon Neutrality Declaration of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group:
    Initiatives for Achieving MISSION NET ZERO

    The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group issued its MISSION NET ZERO carbon neutrality declaration in October 2021, and is currently building carbon-neutral management systems to achieve this mission. Identifying real-world states through actual practice is a necessary part of building highly effective management systems. The Mihara Machinery Works in Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture is making progress toward becoming a carbon-neutral plant. This presentation describes the knowledge gained through these carbon-neutral plant initiatives and reports on the progress being made toward achieving MISSION NET ZERO.

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    Masayuki Morihara

    Masayuki Morihara

    Department General Manager
    Carbon Neutrality Promotion Department
    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

  • Wednesday, July 5 16:00-17:00

    Live + Archived Streaming
    Technical Trends for Onboard Power Electronics and Example Applications for Higher Performance

    This presentation describes technical trends related to power electronics, one of the most important technological fields for the electrification of mobility. It also details some of the basic technologies required for creating high added value in the fields of semiconductors, magnets, and circuits to help realize even higher performance products.

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    Jun Imaoka

    Jun Imaoka

    Associate Professor
    Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability
    Nagoya University