Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024 NAGOYA

Press / Media


Interviews at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023 NAGOYA

  • A Press/media room has been prepared inside the venue.
  • During the exposition, applications for interviews should be submitted in the press/media room.
  • No interviews should be carried out without a prior application.
  • Advance online applications are not required.

Interviews during Online Stage 1 of the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023

  • There is no press/media room for the online exposition.
  • To view the online exposition, please apply online in the same way as an ordinary visitor.
  • Use the inquiry form at each online booth to conduct interviews.
  • Before using screenshots from the online exposition in an article, make sure to ask for permission in advance using the inquiry form.

Press/media room

Press/media room for Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023 NAGOYA

Using the press/media room

  • Submission of interview applications and the issuance of passes
  • Wi-Fi-equipped working spaces
  • Staff are available at all times to provide assistance for interviews. If you need assistance, please ask at the reception desk.
  • Distribution of the electronic press/media kit (contains some printed material)
  • We are planning to provide maps and other materials that are available only in the press/media room.
  • Please do not disturb other users of the room. You may be asked to leave.

Press kit

Press Releases

This exposition features 313 exhibiting companies (including 157 first-time exhibitors). We have collated the press releases issued by the exhibitors, which provide exhibit details including world- (8) and Japan-firsts (3), as well as other featured exhibit contents. We hope these materials will help you determine what to cover