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Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 has ended.
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Chief Engineer Presentations

Development engineers will talk about the passion and vision they poured into the development of a new vehicle.

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Chief Engineer Presentations
  • Video Streaming: Monday, July 19, through Sunday, July 25, 2021

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    The development of the second-generation Mirai and a vision for the realization of a hydrogen energy based society

    The fully redesigned second-generation Mirai was developed to help lead the way toward the full-scale popularization of FCVs. Centered on the vision adopted for the second-generation Mirai, the development team will discuss the role of the Mirai in helping to realize a hydrogen energy based society and the strategy for popularizing FCVs, while sharing some of the secrets behind the scenes, such as general topics about vehicle development including the styling of the Mirai, the development of the latest generation of FC components, and some of the distinguishing functions of the vehicle.

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    Yoshikazu Tanaka

    Yoshikazu Tanaka

    Chief Engineer
    Midsize Vehicle Company