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Exhibitors Seminar

Exhibitors Seminar

First in-person seminars
in five years since 2019!

Product and technology introduction seminars by exhibitors.
Exhibitors will introduce their products, technologies, and company/industry information in detail through 30-minute presentations.
Exhibitors and the schedule for the day of the seminar will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

*All lectures in Japanese only.


Date Wednesday, July 17 Thursday, July 18 Friday, July 19
11:05~11:35 What can the optical products from Synopsys do for onboard applications?
Optical devices are critically important for the evolution of ADAS and automated driving technologies.
The optical software and measuring instruments provided by Synopsys can play a crucial role in many aspects of optical device development. This presentation describes an outline of the optical product range offered by Synopsys and how these products can contribute to design and analysis work in a wide range of applications (including LiDAR, on-road projectors, and on-board cameras).

Nihon Synopsys G.K.
Utilization of SIGMASOFT plastic molding process simulation software for low cost and quality
Faced with increasing demand for highly functional plastic parts with high added value to reduce weight and enhance heat resistance, it is necessary to achieve the optimum balance between the contradictory requirements of high quality, low cost, and reduced environmental impact. This presentation outlines the SIGMASOFT plastic molding process simulation software and introduces cost calculation and optimization examples using the latest SIGMAecon function, which has the potential to calculate future CO2 emissions and the like.
SCSK Corp.
Sophisticated digital engineering utilizing CAE and AI
With many companies increasingly promoting the adoption of digital transformation (DX) technologies, there is a growing need to realize digital engineering for monozukuri in the manufacturing industry. This session uses case studies to describe the realization and increasing sophistication of digital engineering centered on the utilization of CAE and AI.
SCSK Corp.
11:50~12:20 Personal information protection in the utilization of drive recorder and on-board camera images: The BlurOn AI mosaic tool
In this presentation, a personal information protection expert from the Nippon Television Network Corporation will describe measures and key points related to the protection of personal information in the utilization of drive recorder and on-board camera images. The description will also include case studies of actual issues that have arisen.
This presentation also features an engineer from the NTT Data Japan Corporation, who will introduce the automatic AI-driven BlurOn mosaic application tool, which was realized as a joint development project between Nippon Television and NTT Data.
This presentation would be ideal for anyone struggling with image-related regulations both inside and outside Japan or with measures for protecting privacy and portrait rights.

Introduction of ToffeeX CAE tool for cooling structure design support and example applications by SOLIZE Corporation
This presentation introduces the ToffeeX CAE tool, which SOLIZE Corporation began using in April 2024 to support the design of cooling structure components, as well as example cases of its use by SOLIZE. ToffeeX carries out fluid analysis-based topology optimization while performing rapid computations utilizing a unique algorithm and SaaS environment.
Prototypes of the examples presented by SOLIZE are also available for viewing at the company’s booth.

SCSK Corp.
Data-driven material development for the realization of a circular society: Introduction of optimization methods for recycling and compounding
The utilization of AI (material informatics) is a prerequisite for accelerating the widespread adoption of material recycling to help realize a circular society. This presentation introduces methods of optimizing the compounding of recycled materials using the Citrine Platform, a tool designed to support the transition to data-driven materials development.
SCSK Corp.
12:35~13:05 - Bring the knowledge of more than 600,000 people in house! Focusing on the utilization of critical primary information for research and development
More than 600,000 people have registered with VisasQ’s database of experts.
VisasQ can use this database to provide perfect matches with companies requiring particular business know-how, while providing a full range of services, including interviews.
This seminar describes the features of VisasQ’s information collection methods, utilization scenarios, and services, primarily in the fields of research and development, new businesses, and marketing.
■ This presentation is recommended for the following people.
- People wanting to know more about the details of our services in an informal environment
- People wanting to know how to use primary information

VisasQ Inc.
Initiative for visualizing software development costs
The visualization of costs and risks in software development is extremely difficult.
This presentation introduces an A2MAC1 approach for realizing the visualization of costs using data-driven insights.

A2Mac1 Japan Ltd.
13:20~13:50 OCTEC High Brightness Display Product Lineup for Each Need
This presentation describes how the product lineup of OCTEC Inc. is designed to meet a wide range of needs, focusing on HALDiS™, a system capable of faithfully reproducing the actual brightness and colors of exterior environments inside the vehicle.
Latest information about changes in draft UNECE R10.07 from version 06
This presentation describes the latest information about changes in the draft version of UNECE R10.07 (covering automotive EMC regulations) from version 06 and how these might affect vehicle engineers and designers.
TÜV Rheinland is a third-party certification authority with a proven track record in the e-mark certification process pertaining to safety standards and regulations for all types of vehicles and components. TÜV Rheinland provides a one-stop shop from support for vehicle type certification to EMC tests.

SANKO Co., Ltd.
The role of the STARS automation system in helping to realize a multi-pathway strategy
As power sources diversify as part of efforts to achieve carbon neutrality, Horiba is providing optimum solutions to address the increasingly complex challenges facing test systems in general.
This presentation describes the labor-saving automation system STARS and its applicability to a side range of tests involving completed vehicles, engines, powertrains, electrical motors, brakes, fuel cells, batteries, and more.

14:05~14:35 Secure management of data used for regulatory certification or under development: Long-term storage method for data alteration prevention and AI utilization
This presentation introduces a test management system that aims to prevent the alteration of data by securely managing measurement data used for regulatory certification or under development. This system centralizes the management of working qualifications, instrument calibration, and approval processes in sync with test plans, as well as schedule, resource, and data management.
In addition, the system features an ASAM-ODS-compliant database to realize even greater transparency and traceability. This presentation also describes the necessary long-term storage methods for data to enable the use of AI and big data in the future.

TOYO Corp.
Introduction of micro sound measurement using low-noise microphone to support the development of even more comfortable interior sound environments
As vehicle electrification and vehicle body sound insulation continues to advance, microscopic operating noises generated by a wide range of components, which had previously been masked by other noises, are becoming more and more audible. The measurement of acoustic power levels audible as radiated noise is also attracting attention as part of measures to identify high-frequency sounds that are an issue of electrification. This presentation uses case studies to introduce a low-noise microphone and acoustic power level measurement system ideal for measuring micro sounds.
Ono Sokki Co., Ltd.
Next-generation mobile emissions measurement system using IRLAM™ measurement technologies
This easily installable system is capable of measuring nine components in emissions, including the new components being considered for the next round of Chinese GB 7 and Euro 7 regulations, within a single unit.
This system also helps to enhance test efficiency via a thoroughly user-friendly test process.
This presentation also discusses the prospects for the future, including its application to hydrogen engines and other assessments using alternative fuels.

14:50~15:20 Dispenser-based heat countermeasure solutions and latest trends
As electrification in the automotive industry progresses, heat management is becoming more and more important. Heat dissipation measures are the key to reducing the risk of overheating. With this background, this seminar describes the features of liquid heat dissipation materials and introduces case studies of dispenser-based automatic coating systems.
Musashi Engineering Inc.
Vehicle architecture trends and on-board networks
As electrification and vehicles evolve, a transformation in vehicle architectures is taking place. Analog Devices, Inc. provides a wide range of solutions in response to this trend. These solutions include products designed to respond to the transformation in vehicle architectures via all types of networks involving control signals, images, sounds, and more. This seminar describes approaches for resolving a variety of issues and the products to achieve these solutions.
Power supply architecture for next generation EVs and SDVs constructed using the Vicor module
As the next generation of EVs evolve into software-defined vehicles (SDVs), 800 V batteries and 48 V buses will be adopted as standard to handle the large power loads, and electronic controls will come to rely on zone architecture. Using an actual on-board system prototype as a reference, this seminar describes the compact and highly efficient Vicor power supply module, which is ideally suited for next-generation EV power supply architectures as they evolve along these lines.
* This actual on-board system prototype can only be viewed as part of this seminar.

15:35~16:05 Managing Cyber Risk with Cybellum
In addition to vehicles, all types of products are exposed to cyber risks, from medical to IoT devices.
This presentation focuses on compliance with UN-R155 and ISO21434, as well as regulations and laws from the FDA and CRA, and addresses how to protect product robustness.

Marubeni Information Systems Corp.
High-speed design process for three-axis EV gear box using the MASTA gear specification optimization tool
As electric vehicles become more and more widespread, companies are actively working on the development of E-axles.
Although most gear boxes for E-axles have a three-axis structure, various specifications have been adopted for the ratio distribution and axis layout of the two gear sets, resulting in each company coming up with its own design concept.
This seminar introduces a process for designing a lightweight and compact three-axis gear box using MASTA as an example of the specification-determination process in the concept design phase.

SMT Japan
Development of flexible metal hose for R744 (CO2) air conditioning systems compliant with PFAS regulations
As a leading manufacturer of flexible metal hoses, Witzenmann is focused on helping to realize a sustainable society. R744 (CO2) is attracting attention in Europe as a natural refrigerant for air conditioning systems that contains no PFAS compounds. Witzenmann has more than 15 years of experience in developing flexible metal hoses for R744 (CO2) air conditioning systems and has a proven track record in mass producing metal hoses. This seminar describes the results of the development and the challenges to be overcome in the future.
Witzenmann Japan K.K.
16:20~16:50 - Approach of automotive part manufacturers toward 2030 as electrification progresses
With much remaining unclear about the future of battery EV popularization, this presentation describes the latest forecasts for how the automotive part manufacturing business will change in the future.
S&P Global Mobility

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