Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024 NAGOYA


JSAE Special Exhibits

Gathering the collective wisdom of the automotive industry for carbon neutrality
and the recycling-oriented society of the future.

As we face up to “The triple planetary crisis” of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution, we have been reminded that the planet is a finite resource.Over the past few years, Japan and many other countries and regions around the world have begun to accelerate their efforts toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and realizing a sustainable economy through changing and improving the nature of society. The keys to these efforts are creative collaboration and the circular economy.To successfully implement these efforts, we must move on from the conventional linear process of resource exploitation, manufacturing, and disposal, to a socially oriented circular system focused on the 4Rs, which supplements the well-known concept of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) with a fourth “R”: renewable. The realization of a socially oriented circular system is not simply a question of recycling waste. Each and every one of us must shift our value standards toward responsible manufacturing and responsible use. Progress toward decarbonization that focuses on the whole vehicle lifecycle depends on us questioning conventional wisdom, looking at things from new perspectives, and taking on the challenges involved through a process of creative collaboration with new partners.
We must ask ourselves, “What technologies will make people and the world happy?” and work to build new value chains with these partners. We hope that everyone involved in the world of cars can meet at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024 and showcase our collective wisdom.

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Using our knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship to realize a circular society across the whole value chain!

The Nagoya exposition showcases the creative collaboration between the automotive industry and a wide range of new partners to help realize a circular society across the whole value chain. Using “circular” as a key word, Nagoya features exhibitions about the calculation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout the vehicle life cycle, effective methods of traceability for reducing our carbon footprint and reusing resources, and technologies adopted by venous industries to recover and sort resources from end-of-life vehicles. We hope that this will be the ideal forum for the whole industry to come together and consider how we can use our knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship to help achieve a circular society.

Exhibit collaborators and organizations (in alphabetical order)

DENSO CORPORATION / Honda R&D Co.,Ltd. / JATCO Ltd / Mazda Motor Corporation / MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION / Shizuoka University / SOLIZE Corporation / Suzuki Motor Corporation / TBM Co., Ltd. / Tokoro Laboratory, Waseda University / Toray Industries, Inc. / TOYOTA AUTO BODY CO.,LTD. / Toyota Motor Corporation / TOYOTA TSUSHO CORPORATION / Uchiyama Manufacturing Corp. / ZEPHYR CORPORATION / Zeroboard Inc.